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28th of April

Icelandic Singer-Songwriter Hafdis Huld Releases Third Solo Album “Home”.

OK!Good Records announces the release of “Home”, the third solo album from Icelandic Singer-Songwriter Hafdis Huld (formerly of Gus Gus) on Tuesday, April 29 2014. The album features unique folk pop songs full of vivid imagery and catchy hooks.

OK! Good Records is proud to announce the US release of Hafdis Huld’s third solo album, “Home,” out on April 29th, 2014. Written and recorded with her collaborator Alisdair Wright in her home located deep in the heart of Iceland, Hafdis draws in listeners with her quirky approach to folk pop and enthralling lyrical content. Within the past decade, Hafdis has created a loyal international following due to her pairing of colorful imagery, undeniably catchy hooks, and excellent musicianship.

Thanks so her experiences as part of iconic Icelandic electro-collective Gus Gus at age 15, the songstress is able to channel the breathtaking vocals of greats like Bjork and Kate Bush when needed. Singles “Queen Bee” and “Lucky” showcase Hafdis’ maturity in songwriting, waxing lyrical about heartbreak, loss, and recovery. Her first solo album of original material in four years, Hafdis’ sincere vocals match perfectly with memorable melodies on 11 tracks that are sure to enchant countless listeners.

Hafdis Huld’s “Home,” is available for purchase and free streaming on, and Fans can also find the album on iTunes, Amazon and at other major retailers.

About OK!Good Records:
OK!Good Records is an independent record label based in the New York City area. Founded in 2011 as an outlet for unconventional, evocative, and genre-defying music, OK! Good’s mission is to pluck talented artists from all corners of the global landscape and present them to the American public.

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